User Specific Categories

Login below to test drive the user protection feature in the WooCommerce Protected Categories plugin. We have created a user account for a customer called Joe Bloggs, with his own private category containing hidden products that only he can see.

To test drive the plugin’s user protection features, login to Joe’s user account below:

  • Username: janedoe
  • Password: qOUhAJs3nkp$IxjAQzBrMg@5

Login here



  • We created this front end user login page with the free Theme My Login plugin. It works beautifully with the user and role protection options in WooCommerce Protected Categories.
  • We’ve used the free Peter’s Login Redirect plugin to redirect Joe Bloggs to his hidden category after he logs in. You can use this plugin to redirect each customer to their own user-protected WooCommerce category.